10 Personal Development Tips That Will Make You a Top Affiliate Marketer

10 Personal Development Tips That Will Make You a Top Affiliate Marketer

Are you just starting out as an affiliate marketer and want to prepare yourself the best possible way?

Then welcome to our exclusive club where you are going to get brand new lifestyle with much more freedom!

If you succeed and make the cut, you are going to be in full charge of your own life. No more working from nine to five being accountable for someone else.

To get you started, I want to introduce you to my 10 personal development tips that will make you a top affiliate marketer, so let’s get ready to rumble.

The Touch of Freedom

Feeling the touch of freedom and being your own boss was what kept me moving on when I first got started with digital marketing.

It was difficult because back then it was hard for family and friends to understand the concept of working online. They would ask questions like; How is it possible to make money online, if it is not something illegal?, or another question like; Are you selling porn online? The hell no, I am not

If I tried to explain what I was doing; Selling other people’s products, they would often end up with a big question sign in their heads.

I refused to let it stop me because as long as I believed in it, I would be ok.

Some of the most important things I learned back then kept me moving forward. Now I am going to pass them on to you. So you too can get started building your busy online as an affiliate marketer.
Believe in yourself.

Let’s get started with 10 personal development tips that will make you a top affiliate marketer.

Don’t let anybody Push You Down

It’s so easy for people to try to push you down when you are doing something they want to do. But they are stuck with your job, trapped in the own comfort, living a life they are not happy about.

They criticize and intimidate you because they do not have the same guts as you do. For people, sometimes even family and friends it is a lot easier to try to push you down, rather than use you as an example to change their own life.

When you start as an affiliate marketer, you are going to spend a lot of time with yourself, in front of your computer, working in your home. It takes a lot of guts, and you have to be stubborn enough to stay there and believe in what you are doing.

Find Your Affiliate Marketing Path

One reason why affiliate marketers fail before they can make a living is that they suffer from information overload.

There are tons of ways you as an affiliate marketer can make money online. You have to create and follow your own path. It is so easy to get excited about something and blindly jumping from one make money method online to another.

In the beginning, spend some time thinking about what you are good at, and which way you want to go, and stick to it.

When you master one or two methods to make money online like SEO and Email marketing, you can always grow your business and create the next to make online money stream. It can, for example, be spreading your marketing efforts to social media or media buy.

Find your marketing path

But, if you do them all at once, you will not be able to stay focused enough to learn.

Also, take a closer look at my article Are You a Number or a Heart-Based Marketer? It will also be a great help on creating your own affiliate marketing path and what you have to focus on the next coming years.

Don’t Fall Into Getting Rich Quick Schemes

I am a great believer in creating your path and staying on top of your own game and become independent.

When you can create your own business or whatever you want with your bare hands, it is going to give you true and real happiness, it will create value for you, and the rewards will follow automatically.

Clayton Christensen discuss in his book “How Will You Measure Your Life?” the Herzberg’s Motivators where there are hygiene factors and motivators.

Hygiene factors are things like compensation (the money you make), status, security, work conditions, even how many likes you have on Facebook. These factors will make you feel comfortable, but they will not satisfy you. The happiness you are getting from hygiene factors is short-lived. If you buy a Ferrari, you love it for 5 minutes then it will no longer satisfy you and want a Lamborghini instead.

Motivational factors include challenging work, recognition, responsibility, and personal growth. You are going to love yourself and what you are doing a lot more if you focus on your motivators.

If your money is your motivation, it is your business driving you and not you driving your business.

However, still make sure to incorporate hygiene factors, just don’t let them take control. Your compensation is still vital since we are doing this to make a living.

Getting Rich Quick Schemes sells on the promise that getting rich fast will give you freedom and happiness, it is not true. Don’t depend on money, rely on you.

See Your Affiliate and Digital Marketing as a Business

It is your business it is your baby. Affiliate and digital are real businesses, and it can be quite lucrative treating it as a business. Make sure to make business plans and ask yourself where you are in a year, five, yes even ten years from now.

So, when you go to work in the morning, in your office next to your bedroom, make sure to get your pajama off and get dressed for work.

It may sound crazy, but many working from home people says they are more productive when they get dressed for work.

Avoid Other Affiliate Marketers Intimidating You

Recently I was at a webinar with some guys trying to sell me their products which were related to getting backlinks to my money sites.

These guys kept trying to intimidate me into buying their product, instead of using someone’s else. They kept saying the Google is going to punish me, if I do this, this and that. And therefore I should buy their product to avoid being penalized by Google.

I do know a lot of new guys in affiliate marketing where this type of nonsense intimidates them. Only trust your own judgment, it may be right, or it may be wrong, but it is your judgment and your decision. If it were wrong, it would be a learning experience, and you will move forward anyway.

Remember, no one should try to intimidate you buying their products, using Google as an excuse. In my case two guys versus 61,814 employees working for Google, in 2016 according to Quora. More than 23000 employees were in research and development, so don’t tell me that two guys trying to sell a backlinking product know better.

Get Some Mentors

It is always a good idea to have mentors and someone to look up too when you want to push your affiliate business forward.

Get a mentor for personal growth

If you can have someone in person, it is great, but you don’t have too. Reading your mentors books and follow them online can be just as great, especially because you will have more time to Digg into their knowledge, compared to thirty minutes meetup. Besides that, you can always ask them questions on email, some of them will be more than thrilled to respond.

When choosing your mentors, you should have some requirements your mentors have to live up to. Don’t just take whatever for granted because you got fascinated about a blog post.

Let’s take a closer look at some of the requirements I recommend you to have.

Mentors That Have Failed Their Business and Have a Story to Tell

It is much more giving to follow someone who failed their business or their personal life, for then to stand up and be able to move forward and start over. Those are the mentors who are going to give you the golden nuggets; you can use in whatever life experience you are creating for yourself.

Have Mentors from Different Fields

Your mentors don’t have to be from the same line of business as yours. It can be whoever you want, from Winston Churchill, Dalai Lama, to Tony Robbins, Richard Branson, or James Altucher.

Mentors That Are More Than a Get Rich Quick Scheme

Oh no, mentors in red Ferrari’s with chicks sitting on the back seat, waving with dollars bills are no mentors.

Mentors That Inspire Your Motivation and Not Your Hygiene Factors

As we just talked about before you have hygiene factors and motivators. Your mentors should encourage you to do personal grow, develop your business, etc.

Again avoid the guy in the red Ferrari.

Have Someone You Totally Disagree With

Another great concept of having a mentor is to follow someone you completely disagree. It can sometimes open your eyes and widen your horizon in an unexpected way that will do you good.

Read Books

Make sure to read books that will feed you with knowledge and inspiration. Don’t read books to solve problems you may have with your business, but read books to give you the tools to solve your problems and grow your business.

The books you are reading can be everything from biographies, to how to improve your persuasion skills and sell better.

Does it make sense?

Staying Healthy – Most Important For an Affiliate Marketer

Take a look at profile pictures of leading experts in digital marketing. Then see the same people as guest speakers at conferences, and you will notice they often are 20 to 30 pounds heavier, than when they took their profile picture years ago.

When I got started in this business, I got fat too. My previous jobs were in Television and later as a personal trainer. Exercising became something that is hard to keep up with because I really wanted to spend a lot of time learning digital marketing.

But the great lesson here is, if you are unhealthy, you are not going to enjoy any of what you are creating with your new lifestyle, and you will burn out.

Unfortunately, affiliate and digital marketing do not burn a lot of calories. And you are not going to build lean muscles, typing on your keyboard either.

Make sure to prioritize health in your daily life. Exercise a couple of times during the week and eat healthily. It is also great because you are spending a lot of time in front of your computer so going out there seeing real people is great.

If you feel you have difficulties making the time for exercise, you just need to plan your tasks and routines better.

Sorry to say but here there are no excuses.

Make sure to stay healthy

Get Plenty of Rest and Sleep

Life is not only about work, building affiliate marketing businesses and making money online. Make sure to have time off and do stuff you like to do. Becoming a top affiliate marketer will give you the freedom you didn’t have in your nine to five job.

If you tell me that you are only sleeping 4 hours every night because you are working so hard on your business?

My advice to you is to get some more sleep!

If you work 20 hours a day, my guess is also that you are not that productive in at least 12 of these hours. Become more productive and use your time right, is another topic that I am going to cover later on my blog.


Ram, bam, bum here you got 10 personal development tips that will make you a top affiliate marketer. I started out with five but ending up with 10 tips. Take them as a bonus; I will not delete them because they can help to grow you and your business.

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