Been an affiliate marketer for a couple of years now and I still remember when I made my first five bucks on-line. I was thinking WOW here is for sure something that is worth pursuing in life and I sat sail as a full-time affiliate and on-line marketer.

I am not going to brag about making making five figures a months after being an affiliate for a few months because I didn’t, for me it was dedicated work, trying out all sorts of things from PPC, to SEO, learning the totally cool world of internet marketing.

With a background, first in Television and then starting a personal training business in Mexico, Affiliate and On-line marketing was a total new thing.

But here I am 8+ years after making my living on being a full-time marketer.

My trials and errors have taught me a few things. First of all I am into this for the long run, which means for me the easiest solution is not always the best. Like if you are throwing in a lot of money on PPC for then to get burned and have to start all over.

For me the balance is diversity, but still being faithful to a few parts so I can do my marketing good without stretching over too much at the same time.

If you are into affiliate marketing or want to get started as well, I think you should follow my blog. I am going to give you tons of advices on how to get started and what to watch out for.

For me on-line marketing is a continuous education and study in human behavior, products and technology and all the other factors that keep changing, coming and going.


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