Being creative

Creativity! Playing It Safe Or Go Beyond Your Wildest Imaginations?

Being creative

Creativity is a big part of doing things differently, it is a force that you must learn to use, if you want to become an independent person, build your own business, or are having another important call in your life, that goes against the stream.

Mind Mapping And Brainstorms – Or Just BrainFarts?

For sure, you can use mind mapping, brainstorming to create creativity. You can even get together with a couple of friends during a weekend, smoke a joint, and get creative.

With these approaches, you will probably get some good ideas that you can use to get your life moving, build your business, or just sit down in a corner and dream if that is what you want.

For sure the ideas you get from mind mapping, brains storms and pot smoking can be good, and useful. They will probably give you the “playing safe recognition” that we all want so badly. The type of recognition that gives our self-esteem a boost, and tells us that we are ok, in other peoples eyes.

More About Creating Recognition

But honestly, all you did was creating main-stream creativity! If you can use it to some extent, you can probably launch your own business, do limited mind travel. But this type of creativity is more based on achieving recognition, that fits into your social status, than actually moving mountain.

If you really want to become creative, forget about only using your words, forget about mind-mapping, or sitting in groups, where people are either too shy or too excited to speak up. You must use all your senses, your body and your expressions. You must become like crazy-head, sing, and dance if you have to. You must do your fire dance rituals, cover your face with mood and colors. (It is probably an excellent anti-wrinkle solution)

Back In Our Cave-Days

Remember, when we humans started to use words to express our thoughts back in the days where we lived in caves or on the African Savannah, a lot of our communication and ways of thinking got lost. Words are only limited and can never express a full array of thinking and be creative.

Then just imagine what tablets and smartphones will do to our ways to communicate in a few years from now? But that is a different article, on a different day!

Use All Your Senses, Dance, Bend Things

Using all your senses, ways of thinking and act, bending things and thoughts, will move and spark a fire in your mind that will make it possible to create whole new discoveries and creative ideas that really will make the difference.

But remember, depending on which type of person you are, you can choose just to play it safe, and get the ideas that will fit into society and make people happy.

Take Your Journey

Or, you can go on your journey, and create something extraordinary! But remember, it will be a painful journey. People will turn against you and hate you. They will call you a Madman/woman, and all your ideas for extremely crazy.

But following your path, and take the heat, will all be worth it when you have made your discoveries.


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