What is freedom and happiness to you and your business?

What are Freedom and Happiness to You and Your Online Home Business?

What is freedom and happiness to you and your business?

These days the Americans are celebrating the 4th of July, the day the United States declared it’s independence. It was done with the signature of John Hancock back in 1776.

The 4th of July is probably the most recognized independence and freedom day, not only for the United States but the rest of the world.

So for you, who wants to be independent and start your own business online or work from home what does this mean to you?

Try to sit down for a moment and think about how happy and free you are and feel? Are you starting to feel a sense of freedom building your business? Or do you feel the same as you did with your nine to five job?

Most people not only in the United States but also the rest of the western world live paycheck to paycheck, day by day, even if they have savings and retirement plans. We have fallen into the belief and living that generating and having money is the road to freedom and happiness.

If we want it, we purchase a new car or some materialism that can make us happy for a few moments, just like when a baby gets its tranquilizer to stop crying. As soon as our neighbor shows up with a bigger car or a later model, then once an again we are ready to jeopardize our economy buying the latest model, in pursuit or acceptance and happiness.

Others go on vacation for a week or so instead of buying materialistic things. A holiday to go and slam down cheap tequilas in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, where I live. Many tourists here end up buying a timeshare because the craving for happiness becomes soo intense, that you are willing to pay at least $50.000. It is just for the rights to go on vacation the same place for the next many years.

Is like thinking “If I don’t pay, I will never be able to feel the freedom of vacation again.” Again we believe that money is the pathway to freedom, happiness, and independence.

When you then return from your vacation the flight attendants in the airplane are passing out credit card applications, so you always can get a credit to go on another vacation.

No money? Nah, just get a loan, a mortgage, or even worse some high-interest gray market credit that short terms can dwell us into a short-lived happiness.

For a very long time, society has taught us that happiness is equal buying stuff. And today many of us are so keen on obtaining that form of happiness that we are willing to pay a high price in the form of interest rates, mortgages and all the other type of loans, that can tranquilize us in the belief that materialism makes us happy.

Materialism is Not Freedom

Materialism is not happiness

Ok, so you are making a shitload of money working from home with your online business.  Now are buying expensive designer clothes, fancy cars, watches, and jewelry! But, is that really freedom?

My personal opinion is that you are buying most of it because you are concerned about how other people think about you and look at you. You are buying materialistic stuff so you can get a better validation and approval from other people. You want them to think, wow this guy is really doing great, look at his car, his watch. There is nothing better than the feeling of being successful. But you should not base your freedom and happiness on materialism, but who you are, how you feel and what you can do for others.

You don’t need any validation or approval from other people, just be true to yourself. The more you accept and know yourself, the better entrepreneur and business builder will you become!

Focus On Experiences

So instead of starting your online business because you want to buy cars, designer watches, houses and stuff! Why not spend some of your money on experiences instead? How about planning to live in different cities around the world for the next couple of years? Or traveling the world with your laptop in your suitcase.

No need to become a backpacker, and you don’t have to live in a tent if you don’t want too. Living in hotels, private houses or using Airbnb is just fine. It is not a political manifestation we are making.

You see, the thing is working on-line gives you the freedom to do stuff like that. No matter how much money you are making there will always be a solution that you can afford.

Ok, now you may say. “Sure Martin, if I was twenty years younger and had no kids, I could do it!”

Honestly, it is not an excuse; you can still do it, it is just a matter of getting out of your comfort zone. Besides that, there are plenty of on-line opportunities where your children can go to school online. Seeing the world as a child is a pretty cool education in itself. So no excuses here.

Seeing the world, different cultures, and learning yourself on a whole new level is so much better than becoming a slave to materialism.

If you are afraid of traveling, well don’t listen to much to the news. Instead, read the book 4-Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss it gives you all the tools you need to change your life so you can get more experiences and at the same time run a successful business.

Your Purpose of Building Your Business

So why do you want to build your business? It is fine if you do it because you want to buy a nice car and stuff, you deserve it! No ones have the right to judge that in anyways.

But you should sit down and think deeper about the purpose of your business! How can you make customer experiences where people will never forget you? Also, think about how you can enrich your own life with experiences, traveling, see things, and live places around the world.

Having your own business can give you the ultimate freedom, you are independent. Adding spiritualism to your business besides making money, will make you happier and strengthen your business.

Make sure to read my article 10 Steps To Make Sure Your Work at Home Business is Not Running You to be sure that you are running your business. And this article to learn how to become the top dog in your niche.


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