Stop procrastination and become an exercutor

How to Stop Procrastination and Become an Executor Working From Home

Stop procrastination and become an exercutor

Seriously, I am not kidding, it has taken me more than three months to write this article, and figure it out in a right way how to help you to stop procrastination.

First I thought I got it, how difficult can it be to write about how to stop procrastination and become an executor, working from home or wherever you want to work?

Avoid social media, stay off Facebook, get a Pomodoro timer,  and set up milestones on your way leading to one big goal, like making one million dollars in one year!

Next step to stop procrastination; check out available apps on the market to help you overcome procrastination issue, right?

Well not exactly, at least not to start out. Because, you will probably end up moving from one app to the next, trying to find the right one, wasting a lot of time.

And the more you are zapping from one app to the next; the more overwhelmed you will feel. It will make it even more challenging to avoid procrastination.

Pillars and Phases?

To find out, what really causes procrastination and how to solve it? I even started to set up pillars, and different phases! It was an attempt to break it all down in pieces and that way to find the answer.

But, I ended up with tons of material, that would just confuse you without really giving you the answer!

From that material I would probably have ended up with an article like 10 Steps to Stop Procrastination, recommending you the apps, the Pomodoro Timer and telling you to stay off Facebook. Basically, not solving anything.

Honestly, I would have failed to help you to avoid procrastination if I have had done that. Also, because the answer to this question got to be very simple.

Finally, Three Months Later

Three months after I planned writing this article, I started to get desperate from having an empty blog. I began to give up on helping you on how to stop procrastination and become an executor working from home.

I realized that I got trapped in the procrastination trap, in the attempt trying to find a way out of it.

But then, it suddenly happened, It just came to me like the most comfortable thing, right in the middle of brushing my teeth. I had the answer to exactly how you stop procrastination. And I will tell you in a second; it is so simple that you will laugh.


It is one of the most common reasons why people fail, not only in business but also in your private life. Yes, even if you like someone and you don’t have to guts to move on, making that person know who you are, you will fail, again procrastination. You will make up a lot of excuses not to move on. Just like when you are running your business, keep postponing making that important sales call.

In today’s world, we will think, “Ahhh, I suffer from procrastination, I cannot move on with my business. Let me get some technology to solve the problem, go an find an app online that can help me with my procrastination.”

We think that technology can help us move our business forward and avoid procrastination. But often techniques just makes things worse, because we end up spending too much time on it.

The truth, procrastination goes a lot deeper, it is rooted deeply in who you are as a person and how you react. Realizing this and solving it, is the only way you once and for all can stop procrastination and move on with your business.

How to avoid Procrastination

The Only Thing That Can Help You to Avoid Procrastination Is?

Be able to make a DECISION and stick to it.

And if you start to believe you made the wrong decision and wanted to change it? Make sure to do it slowly and gradually; else you will run in circles ending up procrastinating again!

When you have learned and improved your ability to make a decision, you can then go out and look for the technology tools that make it easier to stick the decisions you make.

Remember, technology and apps are not the overall solutions, but help to the overall solution, your ability to make a decision. Also, take these 10 Personal Development Tips That Will Make You a Top Affiliate Marketer into consideration if you are working online.

When You Can Make a Decision

Let’s have a look at a couple of examples to put it all into perspective.

Monday Morning

Monday morning, you are about to start working, but you just want to check latest updates on Facebook, before getting started. Deep inside you know this is dangerous because you will end up spending too much time on it. But the temptations are big.

When You Can Make a Decision

You have already made a clear decision to stay off Facebook and social media because you know it is a time killer. Nine o’clock you start working, as planned.

You can use Pomodoro timer, Evernote and all the other tools you use to keep track of things.

An Alternative

Alternatively, you have made the decision that you start working at nine. So you spend the time on Facebook before nine o’clock. Snap out of it; you can use an alarm clock to get you started working at nine.

The Business Opportunity

Let’s say, you went out last Saturday, and bumped into this person who wants to invest six mil dollars in your business. All you have to do is to follow up and make him a call the following Monday.

Sunday, you plan everything in your head, how to make the call and what to focus on during the call.

But Monday when you are about to make the call, excuses keep coming up. There is something you have to do first, or you suddenly feel your mouth is too dry to talk business. You keep postponing doing your call because of silly excuses. At the end up of the day, you delay the call to the next morning, with yet another dumb reason, telling yourself “It is probably better calling people on Tuesdays anyway” or thinking something similar.

Again, procrastination and it can go on and on. Having the clear decision of making the call is what will break the procrastination, the sooner you do it, the easier it will be to avoid procrastination.

In this case, if you don’t make the decision, the six mil dollars may be gone forever.


If you are having issues with procrastination, it is essential that you put some work into getting rid of it. Procrastination is one of the leading problems why people fail their business.

We will be covering this topic a lot more on my blog, also how you can become a better decision maker. So, stay tuned for future updates.

For now, I suggest you take a closer look at this article 10 Steps To Make Sure Your Work at Home Business is Not Running You it will help you to stay on track also when it comes to avoiding procrastination.

Procrastination just do it avoid it

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